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New Malayalam Channel : Asianet Movies Will Be Launched On July 15

Asianet is one of the biggest satellite network operator in south india,Asianet presently running number of channels in malayalam,kannada and tamil.Asianet decided to launch “Asianet Movies “the first ever movie channel for malayalam television viewers.The channel already started it’s test transmission on intelsat 17 at 66 degree east.

Asianet got more than 20 years of malayalm industry experience and the recent star acquisition made it go beyond malayalam.Now the asianet communications operating channels in kannada and tamil too.


Asianet Movies, a free-to-air channel, will be available in India, Gulf and other countries and all leading DTH operators in the country.Asianet holds the telecast copyright for more than 2000 malayalam movies starting from 1968 to  the latest releases.

The Asianet movies will be launched on July 15 and the first official  film will be the latest Malayalam hit ‘Spanish Masala’, directed by Lal Jose.

How To Tune Asianet Movies

It is easy, if you already migrated to intelsat 17 at 66 degree east , where most of the malayalam channels are operating.

Satellite : IS-17 or intelsat 17

Orbital Location: 66 Degree East

Down Link Pol: Horizontal

Down Link Frequency: 4006 MHz

Symbol Rate: 14400 Ksps

Carrier: DVB-S2

Modulation: 8 PSK; FEC: 3/4

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