All India Radio Live Streaming Of Regional Languages Started

AIR;  All India Radio, India’s National Broadcaster, has 414 Broadcasting Centers across India, with 218 full-fledged stations with studios and 196 relay centers across different parts of India, reaching nearly 92% of the country’s area and 99.19% of the total population, having programmes in 24 languages and 146 dialects! Means in simple words, All India Radio truly lives up to their motto ‘Bahujan Hitaya : Bahujan Sukhaya’.

But how many of you got time to sit in front of the radio station ? May be very less compared to the older generation.Most of the Indian youth are online these days and here comes the good move from All India Radio station.All india radio Live

You can now  listen to All India Radio’s live programs in various languages in the AIR website at here

You can listen to live streaming of AIR Channels, Such as AIR FMgold, AIR FM Raibow, AIR Vivid Bharathi,AIR Urudu, AIR Marati, AIR Malayalam, Air Gujarati,  and AIR Punjabi. More languages will be added soon to the live streaming list.Such as  Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and NorthEast Stations.

I hope All India Radio will push out a mobile app for this live streaming.So that smartphone users across the country got benefited.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ speech has already given a new momentum to All India Radio. Hope the next generation planning and execution at AIR will scale up faster.

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